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It’s the epitome of luxury, but what happens when granite countertops start looking a little worse for wear? Whether it’s a natural finish or a polished one, many people don’t realize that granite is pretty porous—and it has a knack for soaking up everything from oil to dirt. There are thousands of homes and businesses in New Orleans, LA sporting granite for a touch of luxury, and each of these surfaces deserves HydroShield sealant to ensure they keep looking luxurious. Both penetrating and topical, those porous roots are filled and the granite can be instantly restored and sealed to its original beauty.

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Granite Before Sealing

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Left untreated, granite is going to slurp up all the bad stuff it’s exposed to daily. That coconut oil you cook with doesn’t look too great when it’s embedded in granite. Neither does that makeup, lotion or hard water splashed from the sink. Granite can look stunning one day and damaged, dull or dirty the next. Don’t worry; that big investment isn’t a lost cause.

eco-friendly sealantGranite Beauty without Compromise

With HydroShield Granite, there’s never any worry about distorting the original beauty of granite. This is not a film, and it won’t peel, chip or lift. It’s an innovative product that delves deep into granite’s pores, filling them while providing a top sealant that keeps it from becoming discolored.

Receive a warranty, cut down maintenance by 75 percent and enjoy peace of mind knowing that HydroShield has outperformed every single other granite sealant available. And for those outdoor kitchens? They’re trending, and with good reason—but they’re even more vulnerable to damage. No matter what type of material is used, whether it’s granite, tile, concrete, or natural stone, protect those outdoor havens from that New Orleans rain and other debris.

Granite Sealing New Orleans


  • Written 10-year warranty
  • Long lasting protection with a single application
  • Seals the pores where bacteria can reside, making it more sanitary
  • Reduces maintenance by 75%
  • Does not alter the texture or the appearance of the granite surface
  • Prevents damage and staining
  • Outlasts and outperforms all other sealants on the market
  • Eliminates replacement costs

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