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Buying or Installing Marble, Slate, Limestone, Travertine or even Granite in your home or business???

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New Orleans, being founded almost 300 years ago, offers locals and visitors a great deal of beautiful, historical gems. One thing that has contributed to the diverse beauty and style of New Orleans is the natural stone marble, as well as slate, limestone, travertine, and granite. Marble can be seen in just about all of the older hotels and bars that fill our streets…which are often paved in slate and blue flagstone.

Marble Sealing New OrleansWhat most of us do not know is the amount of care that goes in to preserving such an exquisite stone. HydroShield wants to limit the amount of effort that you put into caring for your stone, as soon as it is installed. We do not sell any of the stone products mentioned, but we do focus all of our attention on preserving and protecting it.

Very often when people choose marble, they hire professionals that sell or install the marble, who recommend sealing the stone. Many times, the homeowner intends on calling HydroShield to seal it, or maybe even buying a sealer themselves to attempt doing the job. Whether you call HydroShield, or attempt the task on your own, please SEAL IT immediately.

Damaged Marble New Orleans

Damage can occur as early as the day of installation. Many times while workers continue to work, or you move back in to the renovated area, accidents occur. While the accident may be the responsibility of someone else, the inconvenience of repairing or replacing it will be shared with you. And, if it was one of your children, a pet, or just someone who was too excited over a Drew Brees touchdown, you may have to experience both the inconvenience and the expense, which more than likely will be double or triple the cost of sealing it. The pictures above shows a beautiful piece of marble that was damaged before the homeowner even unpacked one box.

The picture below shows a piece of marble that was sealed on the left had side, but not on the right side. As you can see, the right side of the marble is absorbing and possibly staining that piece of marble.

Marble SEALED vs unsealed

Please call HydroShield for a free consultation prior to buying your stone of choice. We can provide some general prices for you to assist in budgeting for your project. We can also discuss the warranty that is provided by HydroShield. Also, if needed, we may be able to share some names of other stone experts in the industry, that can assist with sales and/or installation. Thanks for helping us protect New Orleans, one home at a time.

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