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Why Lose That “New” Smell and Look?

There’s magic in a new construction—the entire space is clean, shiny and has that “new home eco-friendly sealantscent.” Look closely at the grout and tile in the bathrooms. It’s flawless. There’s not a single speck on the glass shower door. And those countertops? The granite is sublime and aching for the first family-style meal of many to come. Did you know it’s possible to sustain that new home look and aroma for years?

First things first: Full HydroShield sealant and protectant.

Make Your Investment Last

Whether it’s a brand new construction or a remodel, upgrades and new installations such as stone, granite, tile/grout and shower glass are a big investment. The best time to protect your investment is before that inaugural meal is prepped or shower is taken. Prevention is key and a must to defend your investment against daily wear, tear, grime and gunk build up. With HydroShield New Orleans, our signature “best on the market” sealants can preserve surfaces in the office or at home.

What Makes HydroShield Different?

sealing warrantyThe HydroShield innovative coating doesn’t just protect surfaces from damage, but makes cleaning up 75 percent simpler. Even with the humidity (that makes porous materials prone to bacteria and mold growth) that can happen on Marco Island or in Sarasota, HydroShield is a highly effective solution that’s chemical-free. Once applied, it’s both water and dirt-resistant so that a simple wipe up is all you need to clean up.

You’ll never deal with hard water staining again. Even with high-use showers, water simply beads up so you can wipe it away with a single flick of the towel. Of course, cleaning will still be necessary (there’s no getting around that), but the HydroShield eco-friendly All Purpose Cleaner makes it easy. Alcohol-based, the solution instantly evaporates with zero streaks.

From Port Charlotte to Fort Myers, keep your standout home or office looking good as new. And as for that extra free time now that you’re not scrubbing non-stop? That’s invaluable. Get a free estimate today by calling your local HydroShield New Orleans office.

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