Natural Stone & Marble Restoration

If you’ve had your natural stone or marble countertops for more than a year, they will benefit from HydroShield. You will be amazed to see the natural beauty of your granite come back to life with our two-step process. First, we clean the granite to remove any built-up grime, and then we seal it against future penetration. Even better, your newly restored stone will be under warranty for 10 years.

We specialize in cleaning and sealing existing natural stone and marble in your home. A HydroShield New Orleans professional can be sent to your home so that a no-charge estimate can be issued and – upon approval – we’ll clean and seal your counters, backsplashes or anywhere else natural stone is featured.  It  will be ready to use immediately after we’re finished; how easy is that?  No more sealing with an inferior product every few months. With HydroShield, we take the worry out of maintenance since our amazing products will last for at least 10 years!

Stone Polishing

Natural Stone & Marble Restoration Before

Natural Stone Restoration Before

natural stone & Marble restoration after

Natural Stone Restoration Before







Natural Stone & Marble Stain Removal
before after 2

Chip Repair


Think of all the cash you’ll save by restoring rather than replacing that beautiful stone. With HydroShield, instead of remodeling you’ll save cleaning time, protect your investment and have money left over to take the family on a vacation!

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