Shower Glass Restoration

Do you miss the thrill of that new home look? Has it been awhile since the Big Move and now your shower glass is looking a little dingy? Even after hours spent scrubbing away and risking your life with those super toxic cleansers, your shower glass is still dull.

HydroShield New Orleans can give you back that like-new sparkle for good. There are no chemicals involved, no extreme workouts scrubbing away on hands and knees, and no high prices to deplete your savings. All it takes is two simple steps using a proprietary sealant. First, the glass is expertly cleaned deep down into the pores (yes, glass has pores). Then, it’s sealed for good with an invisible barrier that prevents future damage.

Homeowners all over New Orleans, Louisiana, have fallen in love with HydroShield. Will you be next? It’s a tiny fraction of the cost of replacing shower glass, and works instantly. Cut down your cleaning time by 75 percent, and rest easy with a five-year warranty.

Forget those hard water stains, soap scum and buildup. You have HydroShield protection on your side.

HydroShield shower glass restorationHalf Completed Shower Door Restoration


Glass restore before

Glass Restore Before

Glass restore after

Glass Restore Before

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