Tile & Grout Restoration

Is it any wonder tile and grout is one of the most popular options for bathrooms and kitchens around the New Orleans? NoLa residents have fallen in love with this gorgeous look, but there’s a dirty downside to this option—it gets stained fast. Remember how flawless it looked when you first moved in? Now it seems like no amount of scrubbing with tough chemicals can restore that shine.

HydroShield New Orleans can, via a completely eco-friendly means that no amount of elbow grease and chemicals can achieve. The application instantly restores tile and grout to like-new status for good. It’s time to throw out that grout toothbrush and reclaim your cleaning time. With HydroShield, cleanup and protection are equally simplified.

A Two-Prong Approach

Tile & Grout Before

Tile & Grout Before

It just takes two steps for HydroShield to completely clean and seal tile and grout. Plus, the green approach means a healthier, better environment for everyone in the house. If your live near New Orleans area, there’s a better way to ensure long term tile and grout protection for a cleaner, healthier living.

Tile & Grout After

Tile & Grout After

Plus, if you’re ready for a home upgrade, you can also choose one of the many grout color sealant selections. Who says you have to go clear? Add a splash of color to your bathroom or kitchen, complement those countertops or add in a dash of complementary hues that go perfectly with your wallpaper.

Restoration is so much more affordable than remodeling—to the tune of thousands of dollars. And the results? You’ll have to try hard to convince guests that there was no remodeling. Who knew restoration could look so good?

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