Tile & Grout Sealing

tile and grout sealing New OrleansTile and grout is the bane of many a homeowner’s existence. The ability for dirt, mold and mildew to nest in these areas is impressive, and cleaning them often requires diligent effort with a toothbrush and harsh chemicals—unless, of course, HydroShield tile and grout sealer is used. For the thousands of New Orleans, LA home and business owners who’ve had enough of dirty tile and stained grout, enjoy instantly clean, perfect and mar-free floors, showers and backsplashes with one application. With HydroShield, it takes minutes to restore grout lines and tile to like-new status. Even better, it stays that way with a sealant so there will be no more routine deep cleanings required.

Unsurpassed Protection for Grout & Tile

eco-friendly tile & grout sealingThere’s no denying that these two areas, kitchens and bathrooms, can be high maintenance. Add hard water into the mix, and suddenly that gorgeous tile is looking dull and lifeless. Noticed mold or mildew in the lines? That’s not just ugly, it’s also a potential health hazard. Untreated areas can lead to black mold and decrease a home’s value. However, one application of the right HydroShield tile and grout sealant can fill those porous areas, turning tile and grout into a veritable non-stick cooking pan but better. It will then stand up to damage and build-up while making cleaning a breeze.

Tile Before Sealing

Tile Before Sealing

Tile After Sealing

Tile After Sealing

Tile & Grout – Popularity Has a Price
From daily foot traffic to hard water, grout is incredibly porous and soaks it all up. There are scores of “traditional” tile and grout sealers on the market, but they’re more of a Band-Aid approach and don’t last for long. Worse, they’re more of a layer and don’t penetrate the surface to provide a comprehensive, lasting protection. With HydroShield tile and grout sealer, homeowners get years of perfect protection no matter how high maintenance the tile is.


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