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Shower Glass Cleaning Soap Scum New OrleansCleaning and maintaining a shower is at the bottom of most people’s chore list—it’s a dirty job, and nobody likes to do it. Showers are the focal point of many New Orleans, LA bathrooms and are a haven for mildew and mold (and sometimes black mold, which can be very dangerous). Great news: HydroShield is the ultimate product, designed exclusively to protect glass doors and other bathroom enclosures. It’s fast, it works instantly and it protects these porous surfaces for many years. Countless homeowners are surprised to learn that glass is, indeed, porous, and that makeup is exactly what attracts stains and unwelcome guests like that pesky mildew.

Micro Phobic

Hard water and other unattractive elements can do a lot of damage to shower doors. Plus, many in New Orleans know all too well how exasperating a good bathroom cleaning can be. HydroShield has the unique ability to fill the tiny “pores” of shower glass, turning it into a surface similar to non-stick cookware while making it look brand new and spotless. Suddenly, shower doors can ward off damage.

Shower Glass Sealing Protection Restoration New Orleans

Repel Water on Shower Glass Instantly
Once a shower door has been sealed with HydroShield, it easily repels water and creates a barrier that won’t allow any damage, whether from oil, dirt or the overzealous residues left from an indulgent bubble bath. Worried about how such a sealant will look? Don’t. This isn’t a film, and shower doors look untouched by any additional product, but be prepared for them to look brand new. It may have been a while since homeowners saw what a sparkling door looked like, and this product will turn the bathroom back into the spa it should be.

This proprietary glass sealant sets as an incredibly smooth, invisible layer that literally fills the pores, becoming part of the door. Avoid costs of a replacement, and take advantage of a three-year warranty with a maintenance reduction of nearly 75 percent. As a bonus, there will be no need for future hard scrubbings with dangerous chemicals. Doors will be simple to clean and maintain.

Protection with a single application
Does not alter the texture or appearance of glass
Prevents hard water damage, corrosion, water spots, staining, and etching
Reduces maintenance time by 75%
Eliminates the need to use harsh chemical cleaners
Eliminates replacement costs
Includes a 3 year warranty

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